Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Food Photography | Showing Off New Work

Food Photography | Showing Off New Work

The last few months we at Fulcrum Imaging have been busy shooting delicious new food drink and product self assignments, meeting great people and continuing to learn both in the studio and in the kitchen. I am sure you will agree our work has improved measurably over the past year and we want to showcase the best of our recent images. We have also updated our website with a new look and we love to show it off, so stop by to see what we have to offer and in the meantime enjoy the sampling below.

Food Photography | Fulcrum Imaging

We love burgers! And we ground our own mix of beef and pork shoulder to make this one. 

Product Photography | Fulcrum Imaging

Lighting is important for any product and we continually try new ideas to bring out the best in any item. And Bourbon is a favourite.

Food and Beverage Photography | Fulcrum Imaging

Our portfolio was lacking some drink photography so we teamed up with talented stylist Marianne Wren to create this summer look lemonade.

Food Photography | Fulcrum Imaging

What more needs to be said, muffins don't last long in the studio as you can see. 

Product and Beverage Photography | Fulcrum Imaging

I'm a wine lover, so I chose to do a shot that would challenge my lighting skills. And what better way to celebrate a successful creation than with a glass of Vino. 

 It looks like spring is on its way and we still have spots left in March and April so book your food product or corporate shoots soon for the summer season. Call or email we would love to talk to you and discuss how we can help solve your problems, 647-408-6354 or


As usual our images are copyrighted . We love sharing with credit but using our work for your own gain or profit is not cool.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Commercial Photography | The Rewards of an Interesting Assignment

Commercial Photography | The Rewards of an Interesting Assignment 

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with BrandActive,,  a brand implementation firm based in Toronto and Fletcher Allen Partners (now University of Vermont Health Network) in Vermont and New York to create a piece to illustrate their recent brand change to the University of Vermont Health Network. The focus of the project was to be a sign installation at the Fanny Allen Campus in Colchester. In the past I have produced works with a combination of time lapse photography and still images; but, for this project, we ventured into video capture as well.

Part of the new look sign(s) was a granite base; and in the video, we wanted to incorporate the connection to the local-sourced granite and feature the geographic areas serviced by the University of Vermont Health Network in Vermont and New York State. You can view the video here:

Visiting the granite crafters, Rock of Ages, in Barre, Vermont was particularly interesting; and I got a great inside look at an industry that we don't often see and something I wanted to share. The amazing part was the mix of modern technology with the traditional hand crafting methods. My host, Amanda, was wealth of information about the processes and the history of Granite production which is the foundation of the Barre area. Enjoy the photos and brief tour.

Computer controlled saws handle the time consuming cutting process. 
Here a pneumatic drill bores holes in this massive block of stone to be split for the sign base. 

The block is split like this by using a series of wedges and shims shown driven into the drilled holes. The split line is scored with a chisel to ensure a clean break. After this, the block is shaped to its final dimensions.
The surfaces of the granite pieces are still shaped by hand using various chisels and hammers to chip away stone to the desired shape and texture. You can see some of this in the video. 
Working a little backwards this image shows a block of raw granite being hoisted out the quarry. 
A wide angle landscape shot shows the Rock of Ages quarry and the tall derricks used to hoist the granite out of the pit. If you notice the pattern and colour (unique to Barre Vt) of the granite on the face you might recognize it from a scene in the Star Trek movie where a young James Tiberius Kirk drives a corvette over a cliff. 

Hope you enjoy the photo tour and the video. The video was shot on a Sony A-99 and many of the photos were shot with a Sony A7 using a variety of Sony and Sigma lenses.

Please remember Fulcrum Imaging is now booking photo shoots for March and April, be sure to visit our website at to see the new look and recent work.