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Friday, 30 September 2016

Toronto Food Drink and Product Photography | Getting the Shot

Toronto Food Drink and Product Photography | Getting the Shot

Yes I know this is not the work that I normally post but it is a part of what I do and an example of being prepared to capture a vision no matter what I am shooting. Most photographers know that the best light can happen even before the sun pokes out over the horizon. Getting up early is only part of the equation. This spot on George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park is quite accessible and relatively close to the campground but I still made point to visit the day before and scout the location. With my dog accompanying me I knew there was a bit of a rock obstacle in our way and he would need help with a small climb, so I was prepared for that in advance. With the coming of fall light sunrise happens in a much shorter time frame than mid summer, so its important to pick a spot to shoot from as time may not allow a change of location, so again preparation is paramount. In my personal artwork I like to present it in large and non standard formats so in this photo shooting a panorama is much easier when you not only have the right gear, but knowing how to set it up and do it efficiently. Once that process happens I can let myself get immersed in the moment, create art and experience the vision I came with.

This shot was an added bonus and with a lack of a portfolio quality sunset on my first night, I looked for something else. In this case I found a shot of these fishermen in a canoe and I think it represents the romance and mood of Ontario's outdoors perfectly. But again I was prepared to shoot this both by having the right gear (in this case a 70-200 zoom) and the knowledge of how to use it, getting a sharp in focus shot in low light.

As a photographer I try to be prepared in anything I shoot and I take a lot of time to develop my skill to the point where I believe I can shoot in almost any situation both in nature and in the studio.

I do sell my fine art photography as a separate business from my commercial work and you can view this work at or on our Instagram feed @robertgreatrix Our fine art sales are handled through our friends at Liss Gallery at 112 Cumberland in Toronto's historic and trendy Yorkville neighbourhood.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Food Photography | Butter Croissants

Food Photography | Butter Croissants

One of my favourite parts of a recent trip to France including Paris was the abundance of bakeries and access to fresh bread and of course croissants almost everywhere I walked. In my own neighbourhood of Toronto Riverdale I walk Danforth Ave very frequently and always wished I could find the kind of bakery present in France close to my house. So as it turns out I walk by Dough Bakery very frequently and I never saw much in the window from the street to catch my eye until when recently I decided to poke my head in. What I found was not only a great variety of fresh breads and baked goods but one of my favourites, butter croissants. So today on my dog food run I stopped in and picked up a couple of these tasty beauties (and a loaf of bread) and had to photograph them. I just love the texture and the slight sheen you see on them as shown in the accompanying photos. Hope you enjoy. 

Oh the texture!

The Telltale Crab Shape of a Delicious Croissant

And Behind the Scenes of the Photos

This is again another renaissance of my blog and I intend to post more of my personal and professional shoots along with a behind the scenes shot or two. Feel free to ask any questions about my lighting, my gear or my techniques.

Toronto Food Drink and Product Photography by Fulcrum Imaging Studio. Photographer and Owner Robert Greatrix. or 647-408-6354.

As always my photos are copyrighted, sharing is cool but only with full credit  and a link back as long as its not for commercial purposes otherwise ask first.