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Monday, 21 March 2016

Toronto Food Drink and Product Photography | Recent Work

Recent Work

Since a picture is worth a thousand words I'll just show some of the personal work I've shot lately. Please let us know how we may be able to help your brand, by shooting your product, location, people, recipes etc. We are very easy to work with and once you have, we will do everything we can to be your "go to" photography source. What are you waiting for? 

Happy St Patrick's Day

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Monday, 1 February 2016

We Are On Instagram

Follow Us on Instagram

In the last few months of 2015 I started using Instagram more, as a vehicle to promote my photography business, share my photography work and find work by others to inspire me. At the start getting followers was slow but I did my homework and slowly (very slowly) my follower count is growing. If you want to follow my feed and add to the buzz, it's @fulcrumimagingstudio and the focus is on food and drink, with some breaks featuring travel and random commercial work. Below is my top nine most liked photo posts for 2015. I am looking forward to making 2016 even more successful, would you like to help? #followus

You can find my portfolio on my website, the link is in a tab at the top of the page too. 

All images are the property of Fulcrum Imaging and Robert Greatrix and are protected by copyright, any usage must be approved in advance. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Food Photography | Butter Croissants

Food Photography | Butter Croissants

One of my favourite parts of a recent trip to France including Paris was the abundance of bakeries and access to fresh bread and of course croissants almost everywhere I walked. In my own neighbourhood of Toronto Riverdale I walk Danforth Ave very frequently and always wished I could find the kind of bakery present in France close to my house. So as it turns out I walk by Dough Bakery very frequently and I never saw much in the window from the street to catch my eye until when recently I decided to poke my head in. What I found was not only a great variety of fresh breads and baked goods but one of my favourites, butter croissants. So today on my dog food run I stopped in and picked up a couple of these tasty beauties (and a loaf of bread) and had to photograph them. I just love the texture and the slight sheen you see on them as shown in the accompanying photos. Hope you enjoy. 

Oh the texture!

The Telltale Crab Shape of a Delicious Croissant

And Behind the Scenes of the Photos

This is again another renaissance of my blog and I intend to post more of my personal and professional shoots along with a behind the scenes shot or two. Feel free to ask any questions about my lighting, my gear or my techniques.

Toronto Food Drink and Product Photography by Fulcrum Imaging Studio. Photographer and Owner Robert Greatrix. or 647-408-6354.

As always my photos are copyrighted, sharing is cool but only with full credit  and a link back as long as its not for commercial purposes otherwise ask first.